Booster Club

~The club was formed in 2002~

Dear Prairie City Parents:
For the past three years we have had a very active Booster Club. As most of you are aware, school finances across the state have suffered and schools are doing the best they can to make ends meet. Our school district isn't any different, in fact since we are such a small district financial shortages tend to hurt more. This is why three years ago a group of parents formed the Prairie City Booster Club to assist the school where we could.
Some of the areas that we have helped with include purchasing football helmets that provide better protection against concussions, helping cheerleaders purchase their outfits, providing equipment for the baseball team, paying for students who can't afford the "pay to play" fee, track uniforms and basketball warm ups for those students who couldn't afford to buy them. We have also provided personnel to take in gate receipts at games, thus saving the school district from having to pay someone to do this.
Additionally, we have provided hospitality rooms for volleyball and basketball tournaments, provided meals for visiting teams and supply refreshments at the sports banquets held at the conclusion of each sporting event.
We have been able to assist our school financially through a variety of fundraisers such as trap shoots, baseball concessions, selling baseball advertisement boards and sports calendars and having membership drive breakfasts.
As you can see we provide a much needed role in our school. Several of the members who have been active in the past either have students who have graduated or they are upper classmen in the high school. In order to keep the Booster Club going we are asking for involvement from more of the parents. If you have any questions please give me a call at 820-4624 after 6:00pm.
We meet once a month in the school cafeteria at 7:00pm on the 1st Tuesday of the month.

Prairie City Booster Club President

President - Marge Walton
Vice President - Rebecca Camarena

Secretary/Treasurer - Anna Bass