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School Beliefs and Values

School Mission Statement

Providing our students with educational excellence grounded in hometown pride.

School Vision Statement

Leading Eastern Oregon in personalized education and productive graduates.

Prairie City School Believes in:


Building trust with honesty and respect


Serving our students and community


Achieving the highest standards


Valuing new Ideas and positive growth


in ourselves, the school, and the community


Staff Testimonials


Prairie City School is an exceptional place to work and learn because of its excellent staff, supportive leadership, and top-notch programs for kids. The teachers are dedicated and passionate, using a variety of teaching strategies to meet individual needs. The administrators are approachable and invested in student success, creating a positive, supportive environment. The school offers Spanish, Farm to School, art, physical education, robotics, and extracurricular activities that help students develop social skills, leadership qualities, and a sense of community. Overall, Prairie City School is committed to excellence, providing a nurturing environment where students can thrive.

Rhonda McCumber  



Working at the Prairie City School is a breath of fresh air. The students are courteous and the administration treats us like professionals. I have not worked in a school with so much school spirit in the 35 years that I have been teaching. From preschool to high school students proudly wear the school colors. The innovative approach that the school takes to make sure all students are acknowledged is admirable. In the elementary, there is a vending machine for books that students can purchase with coins awarded by teachers. In the high school, there are classes and experiences for students that much larger schools don’t even provide. Students thrive in FFA, they experiment with drones and technology and the Seniors all do projects that help them grow as human beings. I think the school culture is the best that I have ever worked in.

Sharon Fritsch  

   Spanish Teacher


I love to work for Prairie City School District because I feel supported and valued by the administration. I appreciate that the administration understands the importance of work-life balance and prioritizes the needs of our families. This creates a positive work environment where teachers can thrive and focus on their students' success.

Rhiannon Clingman  



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