PRAIRIE CITY NEWSPAPER                                                                                  1 February

Prairie City High School

If You Had a Celebrity as a Parent, Who Would You Choose?

PRAIRIE CITY- Parents and celebrities. Parent celebrities. You always see celebrities with their children such as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter. Having a celebrity parent would be both complicated and pretty cool, but have you ever wondered who would be a good parent to have?  Junior, Tucker Wright, and Freshman Colby Anderton were asked a question about which celebrity they would want as a parent. Both Wright and Anderton are students at Prairie City High School.  When asked, if you could have a celebrity as a parent, who would it be, Wright was quick with his answer of Ryan Reynolds. “Eli told me that I was scarcely close to Ryan’s level of comedy.” Wright stated. But he also stated that Jason Statham would also be a good parent to have. “Jason Statham is cool,” was all he said about Jason Statham being his parent. Freshman Colby Anderton had to think more about his answer a little bit more. He also said Ryan, but then changed his answer to Lebron James. “He could teach me basketball,” Anderton states. He also mentioned that Lebron has his own personal gym, he’s rich, and he already has cool children.  Another celebrity that Anderton mentioned was Shaquille O’Neal. He said that “he’s 7’1, he’s buff, and he’s cool.”  Now, if you could choose one, who would you choose? IF YOU WERE IN A VIDEO GAME, WHICH ONE WOULD YOU CHOOSE? PRAIRIE CITY- Video games are a huge part of today’s society. Children are always playing some kind of video game when they get home, whether it be Fortnite, Minecraft, or Call of Duty. But what if you were in those games? Wright and Anderton both had to think about this question. There were many factors that needed to be taken into account. Such as, would you have the same abilities as those in the game, and would you be able to regenerate like the players? I stated that the requirements were they had the same abilities, they could regenerate, and they wouldn't know they were in a video game.  Anderton says that Minecraft would be one of his answers. “But how much Minecraft could you take?” he asks. He mentioned that it would get kind of boring with the squares.  Anderton also mentioned the video game called GTA. “It’s close to real life and you still have human interactions,” he mentions. Wright stated many different games such as GTA 5, Far Cry 4, and Halo. He said that in Far Cry 4 you could do anything that you want. You could bring more people into the game. In Halo, he states that he could, “hang out with the boys.”  What video game would you like to be in?